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Technology Expertise:

Successfully meeting customer demands, improving the usability and customer experience lies in sound technology expertise. Over the years, we have honed our skills, constantly researching new technologies only to serve our clients better. We squeeze out every ounce of the technology's capability to provide integrated solutions like E-shopping carts, CMS, CRM.


The powerful combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP can spark off a wide range of business solutions. LAMP can offer cost-effective solutions or fastening and organizing your services to your customers. With careful analysis we can frame a powerful tool to optimize your business. .

Microsoft .Net:

Microsoft .Net is a comprehensive programming model used to build visually appealing applications. It offers great convenience in upgrading your current model enhancing security and making it more robust.


ASP is a cost effective programming model that provides dynamic solutions to any Internet/Intranet platform. One of the highlights is its' ability to secure the code, disallowing anyone to view your webpage - very effective for business models that need to secure their source.


Ajax is actually a combination of several technologies that practically spells interactivity. This technology is the evolution of web pages, with minimal data transfer to the server it offers great responsiveness without reloading the page again. This new technology can bring new levels of user's experience.

Domain Expertise:

Being update with the latest technologies may not be enough to gain Domain Expertise. We have gained ours from research and constant striving to make our client's dreams into reality.

Content Management System:

Axiom Elabs provides content management solutions for small websites to larger web portals. For the uninitiated, content management systems enables the timely management of a website's updating processes dynamically using web based programming. The advantages of using CMS is that it saves time and money by providing a secure database driven website, which the client can have complete control of sitting anywhere in the world with an online computer.

Axiom Elabs has successfully provided CMS consulting and CMS support services to its clients in India, UK, USA and other countries. Our teams are adept with technologies, tools and database programming related to content management systems. Practically they can handle any content management projects.

Axiom Elabs web developers and technical programmers will first define a full fledge website, next they will allot editable areas on the website for you to appropriately update your information. Every page on a website can be dynamically edited, this includes navigation, textual and photographs updating.


Doing business electronically and globally, is a double boon, make the best out of it. Consumers are always on the look out for great shopping deals both offline and online. If you are a manufacturer or a retailer, an E-Commerce website would easily give your business a global platform. Axiom Elabs will walk you through at every phase of developing your E-Commerce website and watch the web become a rewarding source.

We will help you create, convert or revamp an E-Commerce compatible website with a content management system and server support. This should put you in control of your website updates and its management. You could update your online store anytime from anywhere (make price changes, place items on sale, charge sales tax and shipping fees, tracking order, inventory management and add or delete products).

People online are swiping their credit cards at the drop of a hat when they find great deals and bargains all from the comfort of their homes and offices.

Innumerable E-Commerce solutions like dynamic catalogs, shopping carts, etc, can be developed by many but only an experienced team like Axiom Elabs can dare to experiment, develop and support unique online interfaces on E-Commerce enabled sites. We have built scores of innovative web-based interfaces that gives your user a safe, snag free, stress less shopping experience. You understand your target audience best and we know how to get you closer to them online! Let's talk!

Website Design & Development:

Appease your audience, present your dreams. Web Design is one of our core strengths. It is the face and brand of the company worldwide. At Axiom Elabs, we take extreme care in framing your website as we understand its importance as we have for more than ten years now.

The design of weaving the web page
We spell competency through creativity, innovation and uniqueness of our designs. Our pages are designed with powerful interactive concepts & components concentrating on Strong Branding, Choosing the right tool based on requirement, Optimized page loading time, Enhanced Readability, Clear & Concise communication.

Developing the comprehensive build
A strong machine chugs behind every appealing design. Our programmers power-up your web page with the latest technologies. Maximum features, improved user-experience requires employing fierce codes that ease the server and adds to Strong Branding, Choosing the right tool based on requirement, Optimized page loading time, Enhanced Readability, Clear & Concise communication.

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Design Creation:

Professionally managed graphic designing services, delivering sophisticated corporate identity solutions, business cards, corporate stationery, custom logo design, corporate brochure and catalogues for your business radiance.

Web Design & Development

Web Development:

Custom web applications built according to client specific requirements, advanced web and enterprise portals using the full potential of the latest technologies, professional websites combining appealing design & rich functionality.

Web Design & Development

Domain & Web Hosting:

We are dedicated to providing their customers with the most reliable web hosting service possible. Affordable price plans, secure servers, best support and a wide range of features make hosting your website with us the obvious choice.

Web Design & Development

Search Engine Optimization:

Our highly skilled team of SEO experts will profit your company
and enable you to focus on your business while we achieve your goals. We take pride in using best possible techniques to achieve top rankings for your website.

Web Design & Development